Music & Dance

While all of Foxs Morris dances are based on the Border Morris style, they vary in terms of their origins and to music to which the dances are performed. Below, Foxs' dances (with tunes in brackets) are grouped into 3:


These dances were typically named after the town/village in which they were written/performed, over a hundred years ago in some cases. The figures were often very simple and repetitive and some of them have been lost/forgotten.
  • White Ladies Aston (White Ladies Aston)
  • Upton-on-Severn (Upton Stick)
  • Upton Snodsbury (Buttered Peas)
  • British Grenadiers (British Genadiers)
  • Dilwyn (Not for Joe)
  • Bromsberrow Heath (Cock of the North)
  • Much Wenlock (Steamboat Hornpipe)
  • Peopleton (Safari Swing)
  • Evesham (Fanny Frail)
  • Dawley (Down by the Waterside)
  • Worcester Hey (Jump at the Sun)

Dancing the Upton-on-Severn Stick Dance at the Lock Inn, Wolverley on Boxing Day 2013

 Contemporary Dances; Foxy Creations

Occasionally, a Foxs member will get creative and pen a dance. Even less frequently, these dances work and can be performed by the side. Currently in the side's repertoire are the following home-grown dances:
  • Jolly Droppy Sticks (Brighton Camp), written by Anthony Chesher
  • Princess Ali (Princess Royal), written by Alison Grieve
  • Cookley Square (Mad Moll), written by Mick Atkins
  • Hogpit's Bottom (This Old Man/Grand Old Duke of York), written by Anthony Chesher
  • Processional (Bear Dance), written by Fiona Humpage

Jolly Droppy Sticks at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre 2014

Contemporary Dances; Other sides

Most of Foxs' contemporary dances have been written and kindly 'given' to us by other sides:

  • Tinner's Rabbit (Click goes the shears/Uncle Bernard), by Grimspound
  • Tardis (Mona's Delight), written as 'The Moorhouse Square' by Heb Enw
  • Lollipop Man (Lollipop Man), by Bakanalia
  • Twiglet (Vannetais), by Planet Morris
  • Tides (Just as the tide was a'flowing), by Witchmen
  • Smelly Fish (Harvest Home), written as 'Wrekin Havoc' by Clerical Error
  • Cuckoo's Nest (Cuckoo's Nest) by Ducklington
  • Loxley Barratt (Fairy Dance) by Wicked Stix
  • Blacksmith (Harper's Frolic) by Alvechurch
  • Echoes (Loose Polka) by Dead Horse
  • Worcestershire Monkey (Weasel's Revenge) by Wicket Brood
  • My Friend Denise (Bobbitt) by Alvechurch
  • Porlock Hill (Porlock) by Nigel Chivers of Exmoor
  • Bob's Dance (Argiers) taught (but not wrtten) by Powderkegs
  • Hook North (Shroeder's Schottiche) by Slubbing Billy
  • Shepherd's Pie (Shepherd's Pie) by Bob Doucet of Black Sheep
  • Burning of the Piper's Hut (Piper's Hut) by Breathless in Berthoud

Bob's Dance at The Fleece Inn as part of Foxtrot 2014